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January 23, 2019


Patti J.

Cute cards! I feel your lack of creativity. About a year ago, I stepped down from every team except Scor-Pal. DD was going through a difficult pregnancy, and I was worried about her. I was concerned about leaving my teams high and dry, and of course, my DT reputation. It was a good decision to step down, as she did need me. I spent over two months in DC helping her. Then in June, I became ill, and was septic (sepsis?) upon admission to the hospital, my organs were shutting down. As I understand it, I was mere hours from pushing up daisies. Anyway, life has gone on without design teams! I've actually had time to make favors and things for all four grandkids to give their teachers for holidays. I've made and mailed way more cards, even though I've blogged and facebooked less. Deb, you are one of the sweetest, kindest, and most generous people I know. Please take time for you! I know that CC thinks highly of your work. Hopefully, they will wait for you to bounce back. If not, take some time for your family, and when you're ready for another DT, someone out there will grab you in a heartbeat for their team! Big hugs to you! I'm going to Calif. on Friday for several days, but when I get back, I'd love to come shop at the Seyer basement!

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