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August 06, 2015


Holly Bogle

Yeehaw !!! Looking forward to a new Blog Hop with all these ladies and their crafting knowledge !! Can't wait for September 5th !!!


Now THIS is a hop I'd like to follow. I am beginning to tire of the other blog hops. Great products & prizes but a few of these companies are not great at the 'prize' part. Too often it isn't announced on a certain day as promised. Then if you don't "find" them within 72 hours you go quickly from winner to loser!
I "hop" to see new product yes, but I am also interested in techniques, tips and ways to use what I have without spending more money. (Sometimes its nice not to be expected to buy something.) Just sayin'...
Looking forward to Sept. 5th.

Debbie Seyer

Teresa, I am excited about this because I can create with whatever is in my stash!! I have so much product that really needs some love! I am so glad you are excited, too!

Debbie Seyer

Thanks, Holly!

Gloria Stengel

Debbie, I am so happy to keep our Hoarders group rolling in this new format! Working with you is always a joy!

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