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April 12, 2007



I like the dress. But I think it would look even better with a little jacket..I also like your new picture


Oh NO!!! Actually...she IS growing up but at 14, I think you still have to be the boss and i agree about the modesty thing, although if it were ME, I would NOT want my mom to add lace to it! IMHO :o) I have 2 little girls, 6 & 8 yrs. old and they are growing up waaaay too fast. In fact, my 8 yr. old is already talking about being skinny and thank GOD she hasn't used the term "sexy" yet, but she sees a weight loss commercial every 5 seconds it seems and I'm scared. She already doesn't eat much and she even called me "fat" at her birthday party! :( I try to be happy at every stage they go through, but by's just tough!! Especially with girls!


It's not too old for your daughter. It's tough letting them grow up. I think she will look beautiful and I don't think it will need the lace once you alter the halter but that's a mother's decision. You are right about the dresses out there. But you picked a lovely dress. Hope she has fun! Dottie


I remember when my daughter was 14 and had a very similar dress! Different color but same halter top thing, I made it for her and just made sure I had the neckline fit snug (if you know what I mean!)They do grow up (mine is 28)enjoy very minute.

Jan Scholl

this is actually very similar to the dress my daughter wore at 14 when she was a sophomore in HS. WIth a bit of a tug up on the part holding the top/bodice, it will be fine and you dont need to add lace as it will be higher up. My daughter's dress was handkerchiefed on the bottom. It was also pink. It was in 1990 and I wish I could find a local girl to give it too now-I have al the prom dresses etc and the styles are vintage and beautiful. A nice shawl will top this off nicely. Make sure you post photos of the dance!

gwen mangelson

TO STINKIN CUTE! AND, great day for a birthday!! Mine is May 3 also but I am going to be 45! I remember being 14 and my daughter just turned 15 in March! It's all about the dress mom!




It's a great dress and it looks very nice on her. I have a 14 year old and I know the kind of pressure the girls are under when picking the "right" dress.

I wouldn't add the lace but add some "hollywood" tape to the top to keep "things" from popping out.

My daughter and I use this double sided temporary sticky tape that we got at beauty supply store (it comes on a dispenser like regular tape) and you just apply it to the bodice part or straps and then apply it to your skin. VOILA! No more embarassing droopy, slippy or loose bits.

I need it especially on those crossover tops!

Doris Smith

What a beautiful dress! I agree with the other comments that once you adjust the halter, it won't need the lace. I picture an eyelet lace jacket, short sleeves and matching pink trim to complete the look. My daughter, now 34, had similar taste. She's now married with a 2-yr. old living in Prague as part of a missions team!

Doris Smith

Barb S

Pretty dress. Not sure on the "altering" or "adding"! As I always told my daughter...You look cold!! lol!! A cute little bolero jacket will help some. You'll do fine with whatever you add or alter and she'll love it. Good luck! Barb S

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